Monday, July 27, 2015

Construction Update

We've heard from Mrs. Dye this week that construction is on track to get everything ready for school opening on August 12th. Classrooms will be ready for students. The 5th grade wing will likely need some finishing work to be done after school and on weekends but the kids will be able to be in class during school hours. Demolition will continue through the school year but the construction team has removed all harmful materials and will strictly follow Bay Area Air Quality control measures.

Mrs. Dye says "Construction is taking place six days a week for 12 hours a day to meet the opening deadline. District employees in maintenance and IT are working closely with the contractors and working very, very hard to meet deadlines as well.
The board members receive and review the weekly bond meeting notes, so they are aware of the current level of the project's completion. It will be another challenging opening of school and we will need to remain flexible and adjust plans as new information is received. That said, having seen the campus up close today, I feel confident that school will open as planned... I believe strongly, though, that all parties are abreast of the progress and making Buri's completion a priority."

The teachers will only have 2 days in their new rooms to prepare for school opening. The PTA is planning to work closely with Mrs. Dye and the teachers to provide support as we start school this year. If volunteers are needed we will post that information here so please check back regularly. We hope that all parents and students will be patient and flexible with any issues that arise as we move into our beautiful new school on August 12th!

Thank you!

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