Saturday, August 29, 2015

LEAP Registration Begins Friday 9-4-15 at 9am

Buri Buri's after school enrichment program LEAP is beginning soon! Registration will open Friday 9/4/15 at 9am here on our website on a first come/first serve basis. Payment will be due for those enrolled in classes by 9/11/15. 

Please leave a comment here if you have any questions. We will also discuss the program at the PTA meeting Thursday 9/3/2015. 


(Registration is first come, first served. NO refunds*, Limited scholarships available)
Open to 1st through 5th Grades

Mad Science: Movin’ and Groovin’ – MONDAYS – 2:40–3:40 pm
September 21, 28, October 5 (1:00-2:00PM), 19, 26, November 2. (No class October 12)
$80/per student
Mad Science is all about sparking your child’s imagination through scientific discoveries. This session’s theme “Movin’ and Groovin’” explores Newton’s three laws of motion! Children are delighted and excited when they experience the scientific world around them through our lively, hands-on program. (min. 10 students, max. 20 students)

Hip Hop Dance with Shonna – TUESDAYS – 2:40-3:40 pm
September 22, 29, October 6 (1:00-2:00PM), 13, 20, 27
$65/per student
“Bust a Move!” Learn popular hip hop dance moves exploring tempo, rhythm, and improvisation. Class includes a performance for friends and family. Kids learn from professional dance choreographer and former Golden State Warriors cheerleader, Shonna Chiles. Performance at last class. Free t-shirt included. (min. 12 students, max. 20 students)

Bricks 4 Kidz – WEDNESDAYS – 1:40-2:40 pm
September 23, 30, October 7 (1:00-2:00pm), 14, 21, 28
Explore architecture, engineering and technology concepts using LEGO® bricks. The activities are designed to challenge and intrigue children and build their self-confidence. Teachers provide a themed lesson; students build the model of the day with simple instructions and explore their own creativity through free play time. (min. 12 students, no max. number)

Minecraft Makers with TechRocks – THURSDAYS – 2:40-3:40 pm
September 24, October 1, 8 (1:00-2:00pm), 15, 29, November 5 (No class Oct. 22)
Kids will learn how to create their own custom items in Minecraft and learn graphic design, basic computer skills, and Java code along the way. At Tech Rocks, we believe in leveraging kids’ passions & interests to teach them technology. At the end of the session, kids will take home a “mod” that can be installed on Minecraft for any PC/Mac. (min. 8 students, max. 15 students)

Academic Chess – FRIDAYS – 2:40-3:40 pm
September 25, October 2, 9 (1:00-2:00), 16, 23, 30
$70/per student
Pick up strategies and tactics for critical thinking, as kids learn the basics or build on their chess skills. Logic puzzles help students learn the rules of chess and how to become a chess master! Class will be held with Chessmaster David. (min. 10 students, max. 20 students)

*We are unable to offer refunds, but are willing to make other accommodations for our students.  Before registering, please be sure your student wants to participate in the full program.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hanging Bulletin Boards

PTA volunteers were hard at work this week hanging paper on the bulletin boards for the teachers. We can't wait to see student artwork hanging in the halls!
Thank you volunteers!

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Drop Off and Pick Up

We hope everyone had a great first week of school! We love our new classrooms and can't wait until the school construction is complete.

Our new drop off time has probably been the biggest adjustment for most Buri Buri families. We've heard concerns about the short 5 minute window to get the kids into class. I spoke with Principal Dye this week about parent concerns and this is what she said (also posted on the Buri Buri School Website:

  • You are welcome on campus at 8:05.  Please do not enter buildings before 8:15.  Class begins promptly at 8:20.
  • Parents, please do not stay in the classroom after 8:20.
  • Please wait outside of classroom buildings until 2:35
  • Please do not ever double park on Del Monte or stop to let out passengers
  • Please do not ever block a neighbor's driveway
  • Sidewalks onto campus are scheduled to be complete around the end of the month.  The drop off lane will open once the sidewalks are finished.
  • If you drive to school, we recommend avoiding the block of Del Monte in front of the school.
  • We recommend walking to school if you can!

              Mrs. Dye hopes to start the 5th Grade Buddy system as soon as possible. This will especially help with parents with more than one child to get to class.

              Pick up time is also very crowded. Families are going into buildings at the same time kids are rushing out the doors. We hope that this congestion will be eased once construction is more complete and we are able to use the doors on both ends of the buildings. In the meantime, here are some ideas to ease congestion:
              • If you think they are able, pick a meeting place with your children some distance from the main building entrances. 
              • Let the kids leave the building first before parents picking up kids enter the building. 
              • Have older Buri Buri children (friends or family) pick up younger children and take them to a pre-determined meeting place.

              We hope this helps. Please feel free to comment if you have any other ideas of suggestions.

              Also,  there is an update on the school website from Principal Dye's weekly meeting with the construction team. Play structure installation begins Monday!


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              Fingerprinting and Volunteering

              One of the requirements to volunteer in the classroom or drive students on field trips is to be fingerprinted and have a background check done by the South San Francisco School District.


              At the Buri Buri Office:
              1. Complete a Volunteer Application and sign the Code of Conduct Policy.  
              2. Bring in your Driver's License. 
              3. Turn in your TB test verification.

              Once those three steps are complete, the school district office will contact you to make an appointment to have your fingerprints taken at the Westborough UPS store. You must complete the first three steps before going to the UPS store. 

              Fingerprinting is valid for the entire time your student is in the SSF School District so you only have to go through the process once!

              There is no fee for fingerprinting! 

              Driving on Field Trips

              1. Get fingerprinted
              2. Bring in your Driver's License and proof of insurance to the Buri Buri office

              Walking Field Trips

              Complete a Volunteer Application at the Buri Buri Office.

              Volunteering at school community events like the end of year picnic, movie nights, and fall carnival

              No verification process required! We take all volunteers at public events where volunteers are not alone with children and most children attend with their family.

              Tuesday, August 11, 2015

              Thank You Buri Buri Teachers!

              Here are some pictures of the new rooms. The teachers have done an amazing job getting everything ready for school tomorrow. They've had only a few hours compared to their usual several weeks to get ready. They're excited to see our sweet children tomorrow!

              Thank You Buri Buri Teachers!

              Ms. Stone dancing to fast so she was blurry!

              Finally, here is a helpful map of the campus. Only the orange pathway is available. The area x'd out is fenced and not accessible to the kids.

              Important Info for the 1st Day of School

              Here are a few important things to know on the 1st day of school:

              • The drop off lane will be closed to cars--open to walking traffic only until a paved sidewalk connecting to the street sidewalk is installed. This should happen by the end of the month. For now, please plan extra time to park and walk in. 
              • The only entrance to school will be to the right of the main office building. The MUR/Cafeteria will be open but there is no path from the MUR to the main school now. You must walk on the street around the corner on Del Monte Ave. 
              • Doors will open at 8:15am and school starts at 8:20am. This is a big change from the 15 minutes we had to settle our kids in years past so please plan accordingly. The teachers are meeting today to discuss plans about how and when doors will open and what dismissal will look like. Parents should be flexible as the procedure may change after the first few days of school as we all get to know our new campus. 
              • Construction crews are installing a better fence around the current construction projects including the 5th grade wing that is not complete yet. The 5th grade classes will be temporarily located in the following rooms:
                  • Ms. Stone: G-111
                  • Ms. Rivera: G-112
                  • Ms. Hillman: F-115
                  • Ms. Kreisman: F-116
              • Play structures are not installed yet but there is a much larger black-top space available than the kids had last year. There will be lots of fun alternatives to a play structure like: playground balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, tether ball poles and more. The PTA supplied some of the play equipment this year. 
              We hope you find this information helpful and informative. We'd like to thank the many parents who are helping the teachers today. We'll take some pictures of the classrooms and post them later tonight on this website and on our facebook page.

              Here is a link to a map of the new campus: BURI BURI MAP

              There will be a PTA membership table near the main entrance with coffee and treats for parents on the 1st day. Please stop by and say hi! 

              See you in the morning!

              Buri Buri PTA

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              Thursday, August 6, 2015

              Construction and 1st Day of School UPDATE 8-6-2015

              Here is an update from Mrs. Dye about construction and the 1st day of school! There is lots of important information here so please be sure to read to the end.

              We as Buri Buri families need to be flexible at the start of school to help our children feel comfortable and excited to return to school this year. Getting a new campus is a big project and very exciting. We are planning to have a big celebration when everything is 100% complete.

              Also, since the teachers will have very little time to ready their classrooms, we are recruiting parent volunteers to be on-call to help out Monday and Tuesday next week. Please complete the google survey at the end of this email if you are able to help out

              Lauren Kitchen

              From Mrs. Dye:
              All classrooms will be ready for Monday morning with the exception of the four 5th grade classrooms.  The fifth grade classrooms will be temporarily located in G-111, G-112, F-115 and F-116 (G-111 & F-115 will be used in the morning and afternoon for district daycare as well).  Those classes will be set up with all of the furniture for the 5th grade classes, so they'll be ready for students.  The contractors anticipate that the 5th grade building will be ready in about a week.

              Asphalt is being poured as we speak on the Buri campus.  Though not all of the playground space will be accessible until construction is totally complete, students will have ample play space.  The play structures will be installed this weekend or early next week.  Unfortunately, they will likely not be ready for use on Wednesday 8/12 because they need a safety inspection before they can be used by students.

              The route from classrooms to the Multi Purpose Room will be out of campus, around the front of the school on Del Monte, turning right on El Campo, and entering through the front of the MPR.  Teachers/staff will lead students to & from the Multi Purpose Room and there will be a safe path of travel created by the contractors.

              Parking/Drop Off
              The only entrance to campus will be from Del Monte on the right hand side of the office building.

              The parking situation will be more or less the same as last year.  The drop off lane will be used in the same way (drop off only, no parking) and we will work on recruiting and training 5th grade walking buddies ASAP.

              Mr. Bonner (district facilities director) is researching how to work with the city Parking & Traffic Commission to change the zoning on El Campo to make the stretch in front of the old multi use room available for parking in the morning and afternoon.

              Class Assignment Letters
              For some reason that we cannot explain, the USPS did not pick up the district's mail for almost three days.  The assignment letters were delayed due to no fault of the hard-working office or district staff.  They were picked up yesterday and should be home today or tomorrow.