Friday, August 14, 2015

Drop Off and Pick Up

We hope everyone had a great first week of school! We love our new classrooms and can't wait until the school construction is complete.

Our new drop off time has probably been the biggest adjustment for most Buri Buri families. We've heard concerns about the short 5 minute window to get the kids into class. I spoke with Principal Dye this week about parent concerns and this is what she said (also posted on the Buri Buri School Website:

  • You are welcome on campus at 8:05.  Please do not enter buildings before 8:15.  Class begins promptly at 8:20.
  • Parents, please do not stay in the classroom after 8:20.
  • Please wait outside of classroom buildings until 2:35
  • Please do not ever double park on Del Monte or stop to let out passengers
  • Please do not ever block a neighbor's driveway
  • Sidewalks onto campus are scheduled to be complete around the end of the month.  The drop off lane will open once the sidewalks are finished.
  • If you drive to school, we recommend avoiding the block of Del Monte in front of the school.
  • We recommend walking to school if you can!

              Mrs. Dye hopes to start the 5th Grade Buddy system as soon as possible. This will especially help with parents with more than one child to get to class.

              Pick up time is also very crowded. Families are going into buildings at the same time kids are rushing out the doors. We hope that this congestion will be eased once construction is more complete and we are able to use the doors on both ends of the buildings. In the meantime, here are some ideas to ease congestion:
              • If you think they are able, pick a meeting place with your children some distance from the main building entrances. 
              • Let the kids leave the building first before parents picking up kids enter the building. 
              • Have older Buri Buri children (friends or family) pick up younger children and take them to a pre-determined meeting place.

              We hope this helps. Please feel free to comment if you have any other ideas of suggestions.

              Also,  there is an update on the school website from Principal Dye's weekly meeting with the construction team. Play structure installation begins Monday!


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