Thursday, August 6, 2015

Construction and 1st Day of School UPDATE 8-6-2015

Here is an update from Mrs. Dye about construction and the 1st day of school! There is lots of important information here so please be sure to read to the end.

We as Buri Buri families need to be flexible at the start of school to help our children feel comfortable and excited to return to school this year. Getting a new campus is a big project and very exciting. We are planning to have a big celebration when everything is 100% complete.

Also, since the teachers will have very little time to ready their classrooms, we are recruiting parent volunteers to be on-call to help out Monday and Tuesday next week. Please complete the google survey at the end of this email if you are able to help out

Lauren Kitchen

From Mrs. Dye:
All classrooms will be ready for Monday morning with the exception of the four 5th grade classrooms.  The fifth grade classrooms will be temporarily located in G-111, G-112, F-115 and F-116 (G-111 & F-115 will be used in the morning and afternoon for district daycare as well).  Those classes will be set up with all of the furniture for the 5th grade classes, so they'll be ready for students.  The contractors anticipate that the 5th grade building will be ready in about a week.

Asphalt is being poured as we speak on the Buri campus.  Though not all of the playground space will be accessible until construction is totally complete, students will have ample play space.  The play structures will be installed this weekend or early next week.  Unfortunately, they will likely not be ready for use on Wednesday 8/12 because they need a safety inspection before they can be used by students.

The route from classrooms to the Multi Purpose Room will be out of campus, around the front of the school on Del Monte, turning right on El Campo, and entering through the front of the MPR.  Teachers/staff will lead students to & from the Multi Purpose Room and there will be a safe path of travel created by the contractors.

Parking/Drop Off
The only entrance to campus will be from Del Monte on the right hand side of the office building.

The parking situation will be more or less the same as last year.  The drop off lane will be used in the same way (drop off only, no parking) and we will work on recruiting and training 5th grade walking buddies ASAP.

Mr. Bonner (district facilities director) is researching how to work with the city Parking & Traffic Commission to change the zoning on El Campo to make the stretch in front of the old multi use room available for parking in the morning and afternoon.

Class Assignment Letters
For some reason that we cannot explain, the USPS did not pick up the district's mail for almost three days.  The assignment letters were delayed due to no fault of the hard-working office or district staff.  They were picked up yesterday and should be home today or tomorrow.