Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mixed Bag Fundraiser-Orders due Friday 10/30/15!

Hello Buri Buri Families!

We're nearing the finish line for our fall fundraiser. Orders are due this Friday 10/30/15. We'll also have a table with product display and ordering available at the Halloween parade.

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I get extra order forms or a catalog?
Extra Order Forms: CLICK HERE for printable form. Also there are extra forms and a few catalogs in the office. You can also browse the catalog on the website (see below)

What is our fundraiser ID?
341604. Shop online with this link:

When are orders due? 
Orders are due Friday 10/30/2015. Please turn them in to your child's teacher or to the office

Do we include payment $$ with orders?
Yes, please include payment at time of order. Orders without payment will not be submitted to Mixed Bag. Payment can be made by cash or check.

Who should checks be made to?
Checks should be made to Buri Buri PTA

When will the orders be delivered to students?
We hope to have items to students before Thanksgiving break. If not then, for sure the first week of December.

Will products be shipped to people who order or will they be given to students?
The products ordered by catalog will be delivered to the students for direct delivery. If purchasers would like to have items shipped directly to them, they can order online. We get a slightly lower percentage (40% for online sales, vs. 50% for catalog) but it may work better for out of town supporters. Be sure to tell people to enter your child's name and our fundraiser ID when shopping online or we won't get credit. Our ID is 341604.

If there is a product I saw on the Retail site but that is not available in the Fundraiser Catalog, is there any way I can order it?
Yes. You can order it through the fundraiser order form. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of items not in the Fundraiser Catalog. You can also order online through the store - just be sure to reference the organization's Fundraiser ID# during checkout or at the top of any of the store pages. The order will be shipped directly to you and the organization will receive 40% credit for your order.

How is top seller determined?
Top seller will be the student who raises the most money combining online and catalog sales. They will get all the prizes based on their earnings from the Minions prize form plus a $150 Target gift card! 

What other prizes are offered?
Kids will earn prizes based on the amount of money they raise from the Minions Prize form. For example, if they get up to Level H (sell $500 worth of products) they will get the prize for H plus all the prizes below: selfie stick, plush minion, bottle hoodie, flying monkey, hang glider, key chains, stretch slime, minion key chain. The highest prize on the Minion prize sheet is  3D pen! Kids who get to that level will also get all the prizes below including a tablet and the remote control Minion!

The PTA is offering additional prizes!
We will hold a drawing at the end of the fundraiser. For every 3 items of any price sold you will get 1 entry into the drawing. 
Sell 3 items=1 entry, 
6 items=2 entries, 
30 items=10 entries! 

All of the display items will be part of the drawing plus many more great prizes! Here is a current list:
Black Swirl File Box
Harvest Carryall Tote
Navy Stripe Foodies Set Of 3
Navy/Pink Dot Insulated Lunch Bag
Black/Grey Stripe Grocery Store Bag
Square Dot Weekender
Navy Bright Flower Duffle
Blue Stripe Lunch Sack
Houndstooth Insulated Large Cooler
Red/Black Grocery Store Bag Set of 2
Aqua Foldable Grocery Set of 2
Navy Swirl Travel Hanging Cosmetic Bag
Double Trunk Bin
Single Trunk Bin
Car Seat Organizer
Car Trash Tote
Car Visor
Foldable Car Mat
$25 Mixed Bag gift card
2 sets of 2 movie tickets
$25 Lego Store gift card
$25 Build-A-Bear gift card
$25 Target gift Card

We hope all will participate and sell just 1 item to earn the teachers a $100 gift card. 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions in the comments or you can email us at

Thanks again for your support!
Buri Buri PTA