Monday, November 23, 2015

Neighborhood Safety Meeting Summary

Hi Buri Buri Families! 

Thanks to Pauline for summarizing the recommendations given at the community safety meeting last week! Here is her summary:

Strings of robberies in Buri Buri, West Winston Manor, Winston Manor at South San Francisco 18 in the last month or so. Last Thursday the neighborhood meeting was well attended by people living in the area. It was full and crowded the municipal services area. The Chief of Police, Jeff Azzopardi has said that majority of those burglaries occur during the late afternoons and evenings. He has also given out leaflets to remind everyone how to help prevent home burglaries. Here are some of the points:

  • Help create safer neighborhood
  • Be aware of your neighborhood and what could be out of place
  • When on vacation, have mail and newspaper delivery stopped
  • Demand identification of any stranger at your door. 
  • Lighting – Sufficient lighting around a home can be a deterrent to criminals who do not want to be seen when committing their crimes.
  • Landscaping – Remove objects that prevent you from seeing unwanted guests on your property. 
  • If you have fencing on your property, keep it in good condition that it creates an effective barrier between your yard and the space around it.
  • Doors – Keep all doors closed and locked, whether you’re home or not. Be sure to include garage doors.
  • Windows – have latches and should have secondary blocking devices to prevent sliding them open from the outside. Inexpensive wooden dowels and sticks work well for horizontal sliding windows and through-the-frame pins work well for vertical sliding windows.
  • Be a good neighbor – Communicate often and establish trust. Good neighbor look out for each other.

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