Sunday, August 14, 2016

School Construction Update

Hello Buri Families!

We had a construction meeting last week. Here are some important things we discussed at the meeting:

Completing the work at the school has been divided up into about 4 phased projects. The largest project of building the new MUR and library/exploratorium required plan redesign and state approval so it will take the longest to get started. In the meantime, 2 smaller projects that address student safety will be completed.

The first project began in August and will be completed by October. It includes:

  • Removal of the old temporary entrance concrete and gates
  • Installation of the entrance gates and concrete near the start of the drop off lanes (to the right of the office where the entrance was before)
  • Concrete pathways behind the office building leading to the back door so students can go to the office from the back and not have to walk in front by the street. 
  • Additional entry gate to the left of the office building
  • Relocating the fire hydrant from the playground closer to the buildings
  • Running water lines to the planting beds around the campus
  • Removal of old asphalt behind the 5th grade buildings, removal of old play structure behind solar panels
  • Regrading ground and adding new asphalt 
  • Installing soft surface and larger play structure behind the solar panels
  • Installing basketball standards and re-striping playground 
  • Creating access to the portable building that currently holds library books
The second project bids have come in and will be presented at the August 18th School Board Meeting. It includes:
  • Removal of old office building, old building structures, foundations and twisted pile of metal
  • Flattening Mt. Buri and hydroseeding it
Building the MUR, library and exploratorium is the third project. It will go out to bid near the end of 2016 and hopefully begin in January. It is expected to be completed by the end of next summer, one year from now. We will continue to use the old cafeteria and library in a portable for this entire school year. 

The final project is removal of the old MUR and construction of a parking lot in it's place. That will be done in 2017-18. 

When will the school construction be complete?
We have been told that it will be done by 2018 but we hope that we will be able to use the new cafeteria and library next school year in fall of 2017.

Will the kids have to walk around Del Monte/El Campo to get to the cafeteria?
Yes, but they will now be able to walk behind the office and use the exit to the left of the office building, shortening the distance to the cafeteria. 

Do all kids who bring lunch have to eat outside at the picnic tables?
Kids who bring lunch are given the option to eat at the picnic tables. Many take this option because they are closer to the playground when they are finished eating so they can play sooner. Kids can always go to the cafeteria to eat if they choose to. They just need to let their teacher know. 

Will there always be 1 entrance to school? 
When the construction is complete, there will be 3 entrances/exits from school. One on either side of the office building and one in the parking lot near the before/after school care buildings. 

It is very dark on campus when I pick up my child from aftercare in the winter.
We have been told that when the buildings are complete, there will be more lighting and an easier distance to pick up kids from the parking lot. In the meantime the construction team is looking at additional lighting solutions including solar path lighting. 

Are the fire alarms working and all connected?
Yes, all of the fire alarms, sprinklers and notifications are working. Additionally they are installing outdoor speakers and security cameras on campus. 

Some additional issues that were brought up at the meeting were:
  • Fencing or pathways closer to the old MUR/cafeteria are needed so kids don't have to walk along the street when exiting the cafeteria. 
  • Shade is needed in the playground. This may be remedied when the area under the solar panels is available after October. 
  • Landscaping is badly needed at school. It is not included in the budget or current projects.
  • Covered walkways to shelter from rain are much needed. Children get soaked on their way to and from the cafeteria. Covered walkways are not in the plans or budget at this point. Continued advocacy is needed. 
Finally, please be courteous to our neighbors and do not park in driveways or double park on the streets. If you use the drop off lane, please pull as far forward as possible before you let your kids out so traffic can keep flowing on Del Monte. Arrive early so you have plenty of time to get your kids to class. 

Principal Dye will have a short parent meeting at 8:30am in the MUR on the first day of school. The PTA will provide coffee and snacks so we hope to see you there!

Please use the contact form on this page to let us know if you have any additional questions.

Also please note, this information is from parent notes from meetings. Please see the official district Measure J website and school website for more information. 


Buri Buri PTA