Monday, March 6, 2017

Walk-a-Thon Friday March 10, 2017 at 8:30am

Hello Buri Buri families!

Our walk-a-thon is this Friday! We are so excited for this super fun fundraiser :) It will begin just after drop off. Families can cheer on the walkers from the playground area. We will have refreshments and music. Here are some walk-a-thon frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Are donations/pledges per lap or based on distance? No, all donations are based on general participation in the walk-a-thon for ease of collection and fairness to all students.

2. When are donations due? Donations are due on the day of the walk-a-thon, Friday March 10th. They can be turned in directly to the office or to teachers. Checks can be made payable to Buri Buri PTA. We will accept late donations but donations turned in after Wednesday March 15 may not be considered for top fundraiser awards or t-shirt and notebook prizes.

3. When will I get my t-shirt or notebook? The t-shirts are special order and we do not get extras so we put in one order after all donations are collected. T-shirts and notebooks will be distributed to students by the end of March.

4. I want to get an extra t-shirt for myself or siblings. How much do we need to fund-raise? You can get one t-shirt for raising $75. You can get an extra t-shirt for each $25 raised over $75. So $100 for two, $125 for 3, etc. We will also give an extra notebook for siblings for each additional t-shirt ordered. Please contact if you would like to adjust your t-shirt sizes or if you have questions.

5. I lost my donation envelope. Where can I get a new one? There are extras in the office on the flyer carousel by the chairs. You can also print this DONATION FORM and use any envelope.

6. Can I get a receipt for tax purposes? Yes! All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please contact us at if you would like a receipt.

7. How do the donor honor circles work? The student is the fundraiser so whatever money is donated in their name and put in the envelope counts towards the prizes and "fundraiser superstar" honors, If they have multiple donations from different people or businesses that are over $50, each individual donor will be recognized in the donor honor circles, so for example:
Student Collects the following:
Aunt donates: $50
Grandparents donate: $75
Neighbor donates: $10
Family restaurant donates: $100
Total donations/fundraised: $235Prizes:
Student will earn a notebook and T-shirt
If student has fundraised/collected donations in the top three of all school, student will win prizes below. In addition a newsletter will be sent home with the following:
Student will be named in the "Fundraising Superstar" category for raising total over $50
Aunt will be named in the Silver Circle for donating $50-$99 
Grandparents will be named in the Silver Circle for donating $50-$99
Family Restaurant will be named in the Gold Circle for donating $100

8. What are we fundraising for? We are fundraising to bring more awesome programs to Buri Buri. We will use fundraised money for the following: Science Carnival May 6, 2017, expanded Week of Code in 2017, possible art program next year and continuing with Playworks next year. All money raised above our PTA budget will be donated to the school. 

Tie Dye T-Shirt:  This one-of-a-kind t-shirt features blue and white tie-dye design and Bobcat lettering. Fundraise $75 and get this T-Shirt for a PRIZE! This will be your only chance to get one of these cool t-shirts. We will not include them as part of our regular spirit wear and will not have them for sale any other time. 
Baby Bobcat Notebook: These awesome notebooks feature a baby bobcat on the cover. They have a plastic cover and are 5x7 inches in size and have 70 lined pages. Fundraise at least $30 and win this prize!

Top Fundraiser Rewards:
#1: Wonder Workshop Dash Robot
#2: Amazon Fire Tablet 8’’ 16 GB
#3: VTech Kidzoom Smartwatch

Donor Honor Circles: We will honor individual and business donors on our website and in a newsletter sent home to all Buri Buri students! Students will also be honored if they raise more than $50.

Silver Circle: Donate $50
Gold Circle: Donate $100
Diamond Circle: Donate $200 or more
Student Fundraising Superstars: Raise a total of $50 or more

Classroom Rewards:
Class with most funds raised: $100 Prize: Teachers can decide to use this towards field trips, arts and science programs or whatever their class wants!
Classes with most participation in each grade level: (fundraising any amount, even $1) will get a popcorn party! If more than one class per grade has 100% participation, each will get the popcorn party! 

Thank you for your generous support!
Buri Buri PTA