Thursday, September 5, 2019

Spirit Days 2019-2020

Please mark your calendars for spirit days this year and encourage your student to participate! It’s a good opportunity for students to show their school spirit and creativity. Teachers, staff, and students are all welcome to participate!

Each spirit day, one class within one grade level with the most spirit will be awarded the coveted Buri Buri spirit stick. The spirit stick will be displayed in that classroom until the next spirit day.

September 13: Wacky Pattern/Color Day

On spirit days, students can decide if they want to wear a wacky pattern or a fun color!

October 4: Book or Movie Character Day

Wear something with a book or movie character!

November 8: School Spirit Day

Wear clothes that are blue and/or yellow or show the Buri Buri Bobcat!

January 10: Crazy Hair/Hat Day

Students can tap into their creativity and come up with wild hair styles or crazy hats.

February 7: Sports Day

Students can decide if they want to wear something with their favorite sports (or sports team).

March 20: Backward/Mismatch/Inside-Out Day

Students can wear their clothes backward, mismatched, or inside-out if they want! 

April 10: Career Clothes Day

Students can dress up for the job they want to do when they grow up, or like people or jobs they admire.

May 1: Star Wars/Disney/Buri Buri Gear Day

Show spirit by wearing something that has Star Wars or Disney characters on it, or wear Buri Buri T-shirts, sweatshirts, or other gear.

Be creative and, most importantly, have FUN!!